Sizing Guide

Some of the customers may not accustom to our size guide on our socks description page. Sometimes, we use industry sock sizing on each webpage, such as 36-40 and 41-46. At the same time, we have converted the size to US shoe and sock sizes in the size section below in order to provide our valued customer with a better shopping experience. If you are still a little confused about this, don't worry; I will walk you through it in our specific guiding steps here. I hope everyone is able to find the best-matched novelty funny socks at Happypop. Also, there is a measurement form attached at the very bottom of this article.

The industry sock sizing follows EUR shoe size. As a result, people today use this shoe size as the standard in the sock industry to specify the size and length of the socks. This is why the sizes might differ from those in other markets.

According to our sock size and length measurements, we calculate the size range and convert it on a Unisex Size Chart for all the Happypop socks on sale. Don't miss out on these great novelty socks for both men and women. For the Happypop Unisex Socks, thanks to the dedicate knitting technique, we accurately find the overlap range of men and women's shoe size and merge the borders.



Some of the socks' fit size may vary depending on the different materials' percentages. Follow the size description on each unique sock's page to make the final decision. Good luck and happy shopping!





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